On (not) Writing

My creative output over a couple months.

February and March were not very productive, which is a very understated way of saying I didn’t do a damn thing, writing-wise. Plenty of other stuff got done; actually, that’s why no writing got done. Between Being An Adult and then being tired as a result of Being An Adult, I either had no time, no energy, or neither (is there a “neither is good” meme to match the “both is good” meme?). And since writing is a hobby rather than an occupation* or essential life administration I didn’t prioritise it. That made me a bit sad, and twitchy. My brain was bored; I’d pay bills and organise works and figure out what to have for dinner for the millionth time but didn’t produce anything, you know, interesting. Didn’t read or watch hardly anything either. Turns out the daily grind is not fascinating!

But that’s how it goes sometimes. I am happy to report that life has settled down a bit and I have actually opened the WIP and have started editing it. Well, technically I started editing in January, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember how much I’d done and decided I should just start over at the beginning. Not a lot, but I’m trying to do at least a little every day. Marathons, etc. And this time I will keep track of my progress.

And I am the same person, the same writer, as I was during those two months of zero progress. Only difference is I’ve remembered how important things like writing are for all of us. We can’t just run on the hamster wheel all day every day and expect to be happy.

So go forth and write, or paint, or knit cozy hats for postboxes!**

* If you want to help make it an occupation, buy my book!

** I live in the UK, this is a perfectly standard past-time.

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